Professor Doctor

Describe your job in less 50 words:

I’m working in education faculty. My research areas; STEM, interdisciplinary education, argumentation, scientific creativity, astronomy education, pre and in service teacher training. In the same time, I’m lecturer in science education. I’m developing different activities about science education.

What do you like most about your job?

I like developing activities, doing experiment and look up the space with telescope

What did you want to be when you were at school?

I wanted to be computer engineer. I like to computers and numbers

How could i do your job? I would be able to:

If you want to do my job. You have to science (physics, chemistry or biology) education at the faculty of education. You have to master science education and then you have to phd in science education. After that if you want to be teacher. You could be teacher. But if you don’t want to be a teacher, you could be academicians. For this you have to good at some exams. Firstly your english must be good. Your university academic achievement have to be good. You have to exam for profession ability. If they are enough, you should be researcher. If these are good, you can become a research assistant. You can also do your doctorate and master’s education while you are a research assistant. However, it is not necessary to have a doctorate or master’s degree in order to be a research assistant. In order to become an associate professor in STEM fields, you need to do STEM-related studies. These studies can be projects, articles or papers. When you have done enough research in STEM-related fields, you can apply for the exam to become an associate professor. Each country has its own requirements to become an associate professor. For example, you must have received a certain score from the publications and projects you have made in our country. If the juries in this field approve, you take the oral exam and get the title of associate professor. In order to become a professor, you have to wait five years in our country after you become an associate professor. within five years, you should do research and publications in STEM-related fields.

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