Rares Dimitrie Grozavescu

student at University of Cambridge, studying towards an Information Engineering degree.

Describe your job in less 50 words:

My name is Rares Dimitrie Grozavescu and I am a third year student at University of Cambridge, studying towards an Information Engineering degree. It may sound too abstract, and trust me, it is.
Going a bit more into details, all our senses perceive signals which are then interpreted by the brain. In a similar way, one can model the channels for electric signals, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and so on.

What do you like most about your job?

As I am a student, I cannot complain much about what I do. Sure, it is a lot of work, but it is also interesting. If I were to choose some things that appeal to me at the moment, one of them would be Cambridge, the actual city. It is lovely, especially when it is not raining. Getting to walk on the same streets as Newton, Eddington and so many more did just gives me an empowering feeling, motivating me.

What did you want to be when you were at school?

Across the years, I have had a lot of dreams and they were pretty variate (from neurosurgeon as my grandmother hoped to being a pilot). I was not sure what I wanted to do until, in 6th grade I discovered physics. Luckily, I had an amazing teacher who not only saw my potential but also harvested it.
I then went to high school, and realizing I am dynamic person, I made a compromise switching from theoretical physics to a more applied branch, such as engineering.

How could i do your job? I would be able to:

In order to succeed at it, you have to try and be the best version of yourself. The idea most people do not understand is that hard work pays off. I would suggest first exploring and see what you are good at and what you like and once you have found that, dedicate to it.
Work hard, challenge yourself, read about the subject, try it out (if it is a more experimental thing) and never be afraid of failing.

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